Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

We batted around a few rather nerdy ideas for Tommy's first Halloween costume, but ultimately decided he had to be a cowboy since he loves getting pony rides on his Daddy's knee so much.  He seriously does a digging-in-the-spurs move when he wants to bounce more.  He already had some little khaki pants and a plaid shirt that made the perfect base for the costume.  We bought a $6 hat from Amazon, and some baby boots from eBay.  Then a quick trip to Joann did the rest.  I got two pieces of brown felt, and a tan piece (for a whopping 75 cents total) and a yard of woven belt for $2.  I used one of T's sleepers as a size reference and made a vest out of the brown felt, and I used the tan felt to make a tiny baby-sized holster (or "gun pockee" as my family calls it because my younger brother was a cowboy for Halloween when he was probably 3-ish, and he called his holster a gun pocket, only he said pockee instead of pocket.  Seriously, how cute is that?) I cut the belt down to size, strung on the gun pockee and hot glued on an oval of cardboard wrapped in aluminum foil to serve as a belt buckle.  I just used a diaper safety pin with the little locking head to fasten it since cardboard makes a terrible buckle (don't worry, I instinctively knew that. I didn't try it and then resort to a safety pin.)  As the finishing touch I used one of the babyRagz my sister-in-law makes as a cowboy bandana.  Kelly and I wore jeans and plaid shirts and called ourselves officially costumed.  Now for way too many pictures of our (quite literally) rootin' tootin' cowboy.
Cowboy Tom
Assemble a baby cowboy kit

Every cowboy knows how to hoedown

Approaching his faithful steed

The faithful steed was not a fan
On the way to the trunk-or-treat.  T wanted to ride his faithful steed, but she turned out not to be so faithful after all.  We all decided in the name of safety his car seat would be the better option, anyway.
At the trunk-or-treat getting a pony ride from Dad
He actually slept like this most of the time we were at the church
His hat was a little big and kept sliding over his eyes. In this picture my blurry hand is going to fix his hat; I promise I'm not slapping my baby.
He REALLY liked chewing on his hat cord
Well, he liked putting any part of his hat in his mouth, really.
Nice gun pockee, T! (And no, there was never a gun to go in his gun pocket.)

Fortunately he got to wear this adorable ensemble twice, since there was a trunk-or-treat at church on the Saturday before Halloween (we did not actually beg for candy, since it would be Kelly and I who would eat it; we saved it for candy-eating-aged children and we just socialized), and we also went to a Halloween party on the actual holiday.

And of course we got a video (or five) of him getting a pony ride, since that was the whole reason we chose his costume.  This is just a bunch of clips strung together because I don't really have time for doing anything more, and I didn't want to make you suffer through 20 solid minutes of pony ride (okay, we don't actually have that much footage) and worse still, even more of my really stupid voice (you're welcome).  So don't mind the really abrupt transitions.


Also, sorry it looks like we're cave dwellers.  Maryland doesn't believe in overhead lights, and evidently the four lamps in that room aren't cutting it for my crappy phone camera.
As anyone who has ever seen a baby knows, they probably won't stay in one outfit for too long due to the copious amounts of gunk that comes out of various places and ends up all over themselves, their clothing, and anyone else who comes in contact with them.  As such, before the party on Halloween I wasn't going to risk his adorable costume before we even got to show it off, so for most of the day he wore the warm outfit we found for sale at Target that happens to look like a monster, so here are some Tommy monster pictures, for the sake of cuteness.

Monster Jammies

"Seriously, Mom?"

He's actually never a monster.  I got really lucky to have such a happy baby.

He fell asleep holding his monster horn
 So that's Tommy's first Halloween!  It's officially a fun holiday again!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby T

Our baby is nearly 11 weeks old; it's probably about time I wrote about him. Get ready for too many pictures.

Newborn Tommy
Baby T was born a week and a day after his due date in June (although it was only one day after the due date in my calculations because I had been tracking everything prior to getting pregnant).  After two solid weeks of contractions.  The good news is that while those contractions were obnoxious and uncomfortable, they weren't painful.  A week before his due date (the doctor's one) I woke up around 4 AM with contractions that were coming about every 10 minutes and lasting a whole minute. By evening they were coming every 6 minutes. That night they went back to every 10 minutes and stayed that way for 13 more days.  No changes.  No stopping.  Needless to say I was getting annoyed. I think Kelly was really relieved when my mom flew in from Utah and was able to take over the job of distracting me and listening to me whine all the time.  She did that for six days before Baby T finally decided to make his appearance.  We went shopping, replaced the light fixture over the dining room table, and went to the movies.  It was really fun and I'm so glad she came.

Last picture of me pregnant.  About 23 hours before T was born.

I was scheduled to be induced on a Wednesday at 8AM.  The night before around 7 or so Kelly went to Chaps to pick up some dinner and I stayed home with my mom.  I had just started having contractions that hurt.  I was timing them on an app on my phone, which just required pressing start and stop, but I wasn't paying attention to how far apart they were because everyone knows labor lasts forever and I didn't have to get to the hospital until they were 5 minutes apart.  By the time Kelly got back my mom and I knew this was actually labor.  Finally!  They tried to get me to eat, but I couldn't (especially not a corned beef rachel, though they are delicious), but they ate dinner and I complained.  Then Kelly looked at the contraction timer on my phone and realized my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and had been for a couple hours. We left for the hospital about then.  Kelly drove way too fast.  I remember having the random thought that sometimes women still die in childbirth and this was some dangerous stuff I was about to do and wow, what if I'm in my last few hours on earth?  I vaguely remember Kelly dropping my mom and me off at the ER while he parked, and waiting there to check in.  The guy at the desk asked me a bunch of questions which frustrated me since I already filled out all the stuff when I preregistered.  In fact, they had called me that morning to double check all those facts. Some guys who I think were there waiting for another patient got me a wheelchair which we shortly discovered had a super wobbly wheel that went crazy when Kelly pushed me too fast, which he kept doing on our journey to Labor and Delivery.  We got there around 9 PM.  Tommy was born at 11:34 PM.

Our first family photo
My first two thoughts about Tommy:  He's purple. And he has hair!  The purple faded to pink within minutes, and I don't know why, but I must have said "He has hair" about 20 times in the first 15 minutes of his life.  It's like I was stuck and that's all that would register.  I can still hear myself saying it in a really shaky voice.  I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure my FIRST thought after he was born was something along the lines of thank goodness it doesn't hurt anymore.  I had a natural birth and I'm pretty glad it went so fast.  I also managed to not swear (which, if you really know me, is miraculous) and not get mad at Kelly.  I think he was genuinely scared I'd be screaming the f-word at him the whole time and then finally make him to stand in the corner after I had scratched his eyes out or something.  So things went better than expected.

Anyway, everything went really smoothly, which I'm so grateful for.  When they weighed T and told me he was 8 pounds 15.4 ounces my jaw literally dropped.  When I first got to the hospital they guessed he would be around 6 1/2 pounds based on my weight and I thought that sounded great!  That he was just shy of 9 pounds was a bit shocking, but I'm glad I found out after the fact, rather than dreading it beforehand.  After they weighed our little man Kelly got my mom from the waiting room and she got to meet Tommy.

Eventually they got me to my room and gave me the tastiest thing I have ever eaten in my life.  I really had never appreciated the divine food-of-the-gods known as Frosted Flakes before.  I made Kelly buy me some after I got home from the hospital, but they just weren't the same.  But all the nurses were great and the hospital was pretty nice, though we were all excited to come home.

One of the nurses teaching us a thing or two before we went home.
When we first brought Tommy home we put him in his crib and Libby came up very slowly and stood on her hind legs to get a better look.  Now she watches T, but doesn't like to get too close.  It's perfect.
Tommy is a very sweet, mellow baby who likes food.  The only time he cries is if I'm slow to feed him.  He loves sucking on his hand, being bounced on Daddy's knee, peeing whenever his diaper is off, having sweet hair, cuddling, just generally being cute, and cooing.  We have lots of conversations while Kelly's at work.  Oh yeah, I quit teaching!  I'm officially a stay at home mom!  It's really great and I love it.  I'm so grateful to be able to be at home with Tommy and not have to miss out on anything.  It worked out really well with him being born in June, since Kelly and I both had the summer off, and then I quit in July.  Although it was sad when Kelly went back to work in August.  T and I spend a lot of time together at home, since we only have one car and Kel takes it to work everyday.  Now for a kajillion-picture-interlude. Go!

One Week Old

Baltimore Baby already knows the Baltimore wave

His fluffy-after-bath hair

Cuddle time

After his first tub bath.  He wasn't sure what to think.

One Month Old!

Happy Baby!

This is how he always sleeps.  No swaddling for this guy.

My 27th Birthday

I hope the blue eyes stay.  And that he'll fit in my lap forever.

Family selfie at Longwood Gardens

Watching the fountain and light show at Longwood Gardens

Good morning smiles
Sitting on the couch with a soft blankie

So far T has had quite a few visitors.  My mom stayed for 2 weeks total, so another week after he was born. Then Kelly's parents came in July for a couple weeks. We have also had many friends from our ward stop in and bring us meals and presents. In August Tommy and I flew to Utah to attend a memorial service for my grandmother, Mimi, who passed away in April.  It was nice to be there, and have the rest of our families meet Tommy.  We went to the Ogden Temple open house, the Cache County fair with Cami and Robbie, Mimi's memorial, Kelly's family threw us an awesome baby shower, and we went to the Alpine slides in Park City.  We had so much fun being with everyone and were sad to leave, but also happy to get back to Kelly and try to figure out a routine.  When we came back to Baltimore Kelly's best friend Nariman was here (ironically visiting from Utah).  Nariman is a surrogate uncle to Tommy, so it's good he got to meet him too.  And Kelly had way too much fun with Nariman while we were in Utah.

Tommy and Grammi Georgia (my mom)

Tommy and Grandma Cindy (Kelly's mom)
First airplane ride!
This is what he did for most of the flight
At the Ogden Temple open house
Chillin' with Aunt Cami
Getting to know Uncle Robbie

Nearly all of Mimi's grandchildren and their spouses. And both of her great-grandchildren.

My cousins Amanda and Lindsey
Resting with Grandpa Rob after church
Pulling faces with Uncle Bryan
Taking a bath in Grammi's new kitchen
Meeting Great Grandma Rosa, whom he nearly outweighs

Back with Dad in Baltimore

We love our Tommy and are sad he's growing up so fast, and also really excited about it and love seeing him discover new things.  He recently discovered those gurgley "G" and "K" sounds in the back of his throat, and is slowly figuring out that his right hand belongs to him.  It's funny to watch him stare intently at his right fist while his left arm is still wildly waving around out of control. Here's a video of him doing some stuff:

Tommy was blessed at church today, which was nice, but it was kind of sad none of our family could be here for it. We're grateful our ward family was here, though.  And Tommy looked so dapper in his little blessing outfit, although he did piddle all over it 5 minutes after being blessed haha.

Blessing Day Outfit

With Dad

Straighten that tie, Son.

Attempted family photo on his blessing day

With mommy

We love our baby boy and are so happy and thankful he's part of our little family!