Monday, June 16, 2014

40 Weeks Pregnant and Some Updated Nursery Pictures

So today's my due date.
And I still look like this:

I figure it's a good time to organize my bump pictures:

All of these pictures were actually taken in the exact same place in the nursery, so you can see how things progressed in the background a little bit.  There are some updated pictures of the nursery without a fat girl in them below, but first all the things I think when I see my reflection lately.  Most of the time it's Negative 1 saying "Enormousness" like in the first video (at about 44 seconds), but occasionally it's the Babybel cheese saying "I'm huge!" like in the second video.  Apparently my inner thoughts like accents?

 Now for the nursery pictures:

The crib, as well as the mobile I made last fall.  I never updated that post, but I finally did remove the clips and stagger the sheep better so they look a little less like a crazy herd and more like a mobile.

That dresser that will double as a changing table.  I actually do have a pad, but it's in our room right now because my mom is going to stay in here for a couple weeks, because it's not only the nursery, it's also the guest bedroom.  Also, there are the shelves I built over a year ago, and the chair where I'll cuddle my baby.  I can't believe he could be here any day!

And no guest bedroom is complete without a bed.  We put a ton of pillows on it so it can be like a super big "daybed" when we don't have guests.  Kelly thinks it's his nap bed.
The pictures over the bed.  I know they're simple, but I kinda love them.

The other side of the dresser.  The guitar has actually been moved and replaced with a garbage can with a lid know...changing table....
And for some reason there's the view of the crib from the other you know where the closet is... 
A closer look at the poster over the crib. It's a superpower flowchart we bought at a cool store called Trohv on 36th Street (a.k.a The Avenue for Baltimoreans.)

I LOVE seeing all his tiny outfits in the closet!  The cutest ones were gifts from all the sweet ladies at my baby shower.

There you have it.  A gigantic Dani who has been having contractions approximately every 10 minutes for a week now and is ready to have this baby already, and the nursery Baby T will come home to.  I'm so excited!


Lindsey said...

Cute. You're cute. The nursery is cute. Everything. Cute. I'm kind of jealous about your guest bed/crib situation. That'll be super nice for that zombie phase of parenthood you'll be facing for the next couple of months. :)

Georgia said...

The photos are fantastic, but I must say it's even better in person. I loved staying in your beautiful room. Tommy is the luckiest baby to have such a bright and beautiful nursery.

I left a great long comment on your next blog post, but blogger dumped it somewhere...sorry.

I'm sorry I'm so woefully behind in my blog reading, but I so enjoyed my belated catching up on your blog today.

Love you, Dan!!