Sunday, December 7, 2008

Scary Stuff in Cedar City

On Friday night, Janalee, Emily, and I all watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Afterward, Emily fell asleep and then stumbled into her room and went to bed, and Janalee and I kept talking. Around 1:30 AM, Janalee and I heard something by the door and then the doorknob rattled. At first we thought it was our other roommate, Shannel, coming home. (She's not around much, ever since we caught her stealing our stuff. I wish she'd come back, though, because I think she has one of my skirts, my 4 GB flash drive, and a bunch of my makeup--but that's another story.) Then whoever was moving the doorknob stopped, and Shannel never called us or rang the doorbell or anything like she normally would. So Janalee and I got a little scared. Who could be trying to get in our front door? I thought it sounded like something one or more of our friends might try just to scare us (*cough* DerekBryanKateBeckyRandyMikeJonEtc. *cough*) But still, who knows? Then we unfortunately remembered Shannel's window was unlocked and also situated right next to the front door, so we grabbed a phone and a frying pan (just in case! Better safe than sorry! I would personally have preferred a baseball bat, but we don't have one, and a frying pan worked fine in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc.) We managed to lock the window and tried to see the front step, but the angle was wrong. We were just a little too creeped out to go to bed at this point, so we talked longer and then Janalee dragged her mattress into my room and slept on the floor. The next morning we ate breakfast and wondered who could have been on our porch last night, so since it was hours later and daylight, we opened the door and GUESS WHAT!

There was a baby on our porch.

Just kidding. What really happened was a paper fell to the ground. And on that paper was a reminder that our ward was going to the temple and meeting at 3:15 at the church. Yeah. The Relief Society president and a guy from the Elder's Quorum were out on their razor scooters late last night delivering flyers and when they stuffed it between the door and the frame, they must have grabbed the doorknob and jiggled it. Yep. Pretty much Janalee and I fell over each other in laughter at this point. Then we got dressed and went to the temple.

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