Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our New Apartment!

Here's some pictures of our new apartment in Towson, Maryland.

The view from our entryway. On your right is the kitchen:
We LOVE our red appliances and dishes!

Go through the kitchen to the dining was empty for a long time:

Move on from the kitchen to the living room (with a balcony!) That room with the window on the right is our dining room again.

Our lovely computer set up on the floor

Since we didn't have a dining room table for a long time we ate at our "dinner boxes"

Moving on through the hallway with AMPLE closet space :)

Keep going straight and you hit our very white bathroom (it looks so much better now with our red shower curtain!)

Or turn right and: the bedroom! (Also with wonderful closet space.)

And we just got some new bookshelves and lamps for our bedroom! Now we actually have light in there at night.

And now some new furniture! We went to Ikea and got us a desk and a couple chairs so we didn't have to sit on the ground ALL the time.

As we were carrying our stuff up from Ikea, our neighbor was moving out and gave us a dining table and four chairs! Mostly matching...well, the price was right, anyway: FREE!Then my mom's cousin Lieu, who lives in Crofton got a new couch, so they gave us their old one, which we went and picked up last weekend with a Home Depot truck. We were almost home, and it started to rain :( but it turned out okay.

There's the Ahern's (very) humble abode!


Melissa said...

Looks like our first place- good times :) I'm glad you are having such a great adventure in Maryland, I hope it goes great for you! let us know!

Nariman said...

Now I feel like i've been there!

Dani Marie said...

You still have to come, though!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for putting those up! :)
I'm sad we didn't make it up to see the place, but it sure was fun to see you guys on Thursday! :D

Georgia said...

Why did this post not show up on my blog???!!! I've been waiting and waiting and wondering when you were going to post photos of your apartment. It is so cute, Kelly looks so cute eating on his dinner box. I should have everyone who gave you all those nice wedding gifts look at these photos and see how much you appreciate their generosity and good taste. Love you tons! Mom

Margie said...

Oh Dani and Kelly I do miss you. It is nice to see your apartment and hear and read your updates. We are so proud of you and happy for you. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I'm sorry I am late to wish you Happy Birthday! You are so great...both of you are great!! Take care!