Friday, October 22, 2010

Meet Libby!

(hee hee, I blabberized our new cat!

Kelly and I got a cat! (Almost two weeks ago now.) She is the cutest, silliest, craziest thing I've ever encountered in my life. Poor Libby was 9 months old and a stray when the volunteer group who have a tiny room in our local Petsmart saved her. Since April, she's been living in a little kennel and only let out occasionally, but only in the tiny tiny room. She was sick a long time ago and got an ulcer in her left eye that left her a lavender spot and partially blind in that eye.

Kelly and I saw her through the glass and immediately thought she was adorable. She's a muted torti, which means she is striped gray and tan. She's about a year old now, but quite petite and a little bow-legged in the back. (It's cute.)

When we brought her home she explored EVERYTHING, including jumping in and out of the bathtub about 50 times. Now she's figured out that the longest stretch in our apartment is from the corner of the dining room to the bathroom. Everyday she runs laps from corner to corner a couple times. It makes us sad she hasn't had room to run for a long time. She is playful and enjoys batting at Starburst wrappers and carrying them around in her mouth. Sometimes she sits on our couch like a chubby couch potato, right on her kitty-bum with her back legs in front.

She likes our windows and sits behind the blinds of our sliding door to get a her spot in the sun, and every time we come home she comes up to the door and then goes after her scratching post that is right there. I guess it means she's happy we're home? We got a new vacuum and she LOVED the box and cardboard stuffs it came in...but didn't like the vacuum itself once it turned on and moved! Hahaha...she freaked out. It didn't help she kept trying to hide in the next place I was going to vacuum.

We don't let her in our bedroom. We call it our kitty-free zone when she's getting hyper. She is quiet all night, but when she hears our alarm go off in the morning, she starts sticking her paws under the door like she knows we're awake and she needs some attention. Everywhere we go, she follows us. When I am on the computer, she curls up in my lap or on the chair next to me to keep me company.

Sometimes when she is being especially cute, I call her Nermal. I don't really know why. I think it's something about how the back of her head looks?

It's fun having our little Libby as part of our family now.


Georgia said...

Oh, my goodness! Libby is adorable! I knew she would be cute, but she is off the cuteness charts. I loved your description of her antics--in and out of the bathtub, running laps, playing in the box and wrappings, and being terrified of the vacuum and hiding in the place you are headed to next. It is all so sweet. I'm happy you have a new addition to your family, but I'm not telling Simba about her.

Georgia said...

P.S. I played the blabberized version of Libby over and over. I can't wait for Bryan, Cami or Rob to come in here so I can play it over and over for them too. Amusing!