Saturday, June 15, 2013

Freeze Frame! Er....Change...Frame?

So I had this frame:

I got it as a wedding present (four years ago) and I like the look of it, but I wasn't so wild about the quote.  It just seems that where you go and what you do actually do matter, right?  I mean, if you go to prison or something like that, it matters.  And if I'm going to display a quote in my house, I at least want it to be something I like.  And believe.  Because of this, I decided instead of half-liking it, just to change the quote!  So I took the frame apart (except the glass was superglued in place, and I decided not to fight that battle), and sanded it down and painted it.  Because the sanding lightened the words quite a bit, it only took two coats of black paint to cover them all the way.

Then I formatted the replacement quote how I wanted it using Microsoft Word, printed it off, and taped it on the frame (obviously after the black paint dried all the way) where I wanted the words to go.

I just used a normal pen to trace over the letters, making sure to press down enough to leave a little dent-outline in the frame.

You have to look close, but you can see the faint outline from where I traced the letters from the paper.

Then I filled in the lines with cream-colored paint using a tiny brush.

Sure, it's not perfect.  Some of the letters are a little uneven, and I kind of wish I had spaced the lines of text closer together, instead of having it look double-spaced, and maybe made the font even larger, but hey, I can always repaint it again if I want.  Besides, this quote is much more accurate for our lives.  It's from A. A. Milne in a Winnie the Pooh book, but it fits us, as Kelly and I have certainly been on an adventure for our married lives thus far.  Plus, I can finally check it off my to do list; I've only been meaning to repaint it for four years.

Sorry for the wonky angle, it was the only way to avoid the superglare from the camera flash.

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Keri said...

Love this Dani! I am always so impressed by your random projects. =)