Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anger, Trucks, another Mr. Darcy Incident, Elder Ahern, Worry, and Spiked Drinks

I'm so angry! I just got two letters from Kelly. Usually, this is cause for much rejoicing, jumping around, squealing, and a week of smiles...well it started out that way, until I read the first page of the first letter. Over the summer he had a companion who apparently had been sneaking out at night to be with a girl they were teaching by day. And to quote Kelly, "they weren't reading scriptures, if you know what I mean. And I'm pretty sure they weren't praying, either."

Yes, well, this caused all sorts of problems for Kelly when the truth came out. His companion confessed and went home, the area was angry with the missionaries, and Kelly was still in the area. Well, at the last interview with the President, he informed Kelly of the reason why he didn't wake up when his companion was sneaking out. The elder had been putting something in Kelly's drink before they went to bed.

What was he using!? Was it just sleeping medication? What kind of stuff do they have down there in Uruguay? What if it was just something off the street? What if he had overdosed Kelly and then left him alone while he was off satisfying his sex drive? It was so dumb and so dangerous! (Man, that's the understatement of the millenium) Poor Kelly! Kel mentioned in his letter he was pretty tired during that transfer, but he still managed to get up at 6:30 every morning like a good missionary. That bastard is damn lucky nothing happened to Kelly.

That guy is also pretty lucky he resides in Paraguay and not anywhere near here, because I'd be beating the crap out of him instead of venting here. It's one thing to go off and bang a girl. It's different matter to mess up reputations of all the hard-working missionaries in Uruguay, but the shit really hits the fan when you have to drug someone to accomplish all this. I'm so so so so FURIOUS MAD ANGRY DESPERATELY-NEEDING-TO-KICK-THE-CRAP-OUT-OF-SOMETHING HURT WORRIED UPSET LIVID IRATE ENRAGED I've run out of words. I need a thesaurus.

And then yesterday I was driving to Walmart for milk when suddenly there was a big white truck plowing into my door. It was not just a truck; it was a BIG truck--like semi-truck-sized. When I was sitting in my car, the headlights were above my head. I thought I was done for. I watched it hit my side mirror, slammed on my brakes, I think I screamed, and I moved to swerve, but I had no where to go because there was another semi and a pickup truck with a camper parked on the side of the road. I don't know how I didn't swerve into them, but miraculously I didn't. All this happened simultaneously and I also heard the most terrifically loud crash. I thought I was going to be dead, because it was the drivers side, and it pretty much T-boned me. But then suddenly it was in front of me and pulling off on the side of the road and I had pulled over and I sat in my car hyperventilating for a few minutes. with tears running down my face. I watched the man climb out of his truck and come jogging back towards me and it was as I was gazing out my window in shock that I suddenly realized my side mirror was still there on my car. I don't know how because I watched the truck hit it. I finally forced myself to get out of the car. There was a nice-sized dent and some scratches, but nothing visibly serious! How!? I have no idea. Angels, I suppose. The guy had pulled out of a parking lot into the road (and my car.) He didn't see me soon enough because the sun was in his eyes, but when he did he slammed on his breaks and swerved, so it all ended up being alright. I got his insurance information and stuff and called my dad and then today I went and had my car looked at, because I wasn't sure if it did anything around the tire, like bent the axle or something, but apparently it didn't. The mirror is damaged, though, but not crunched like it should have been. All in all, it caused close to $700 in damage to my little Mr. Darcy car.

All I can say is it's been an interesting past few days. Please stop being interesting now. I like my boring life. If something different happens, I just hope it has something to do with finding a good job.


Amy Dianne said...

Wow. I'm sorry, Dan. I hereby swear never to slip things into my companion's drink in order to fullfil ANY drives.

...Seriously, though. That is SO weird.

And... thank goodness for living! And since when was your car named Mr. Darcy? 'Cause that's just awesome.

As to Q'antesn, It's coming along just splendidly. Qatrina is now called Kadri, thanks to that storm we all hate. (But Kadri means the same thing, just so you know.) Would you like me to add you to my e~mail list on Googledocs? Then you could read what I have. :)

Lindsey said...

1- I am glad Kelly's okay and safe, and that's a scary story! ...and it is a good thing that guy's far away because I wouldn't put it past you to hunt him down...dani the vicious one. :)
2- I am glad that You are okay...and that your car is not completely dead, and that you are not more injured...that's amazing! I miss my DANI!!!!