Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yay I Have a New Follower!

As stated in the title I have a new follower! That brings the grand total up to...drumroll, please...two! Thank you, Amy. (But Lindsey also says she reads it, so...awesome! 3-ish!)

That is all.

Oh wait! P.S. My week is feeling better now. I don't know why, but I'm happy again! I hate being unhappy or angry or downright depressed, which I really was earlier this week, but not so anymore!

Oh, and Matt Nickerson beat me over the head today--with a paper, but still, he's my professor ;) Good times.

Oh, and The Office is on tonight. Good.

1 comment:

Amy Dianne said...

Yes. I stalk Dani. You, too, can stalk Dani! mwahaha.

Er... anyhow... sorry I haven't added you to my list yet. I haven't found my thumbdrive to upload the latest version yet.

I only have two months left to finish. I think I fail.