Sunday, March 1, 2009

Patchwork Bath

Sleeping well's a gift
I normally possess
Public transportation--
Ah, but I digress.

Sleeping well is nice
But when the night is strange
I find the art of sleep
The thing just out of range.

So I gather every pillow,
Afghan, blanket, quilt
And sling them in the bathtub
My remedy now built.

I burrow myself in,
My tension lost its wrath,
And curl up for some dreaming
In my cozy patchwork bath.


Georgia said...

Hey Dano,

Did you write this wonderfully cute poem? It is so fun and I can just picture you snuggled up in this cozy bathtub just like Simba in his kitty crust.

Love, Mom

Dani Marie said...

Yes I did write it, but I've never actually done it. A patchwork bath sounds nice, though, doesn't it?

Nariman said...

I think it's wonderful!