Friday, April 1, 2011

Corn Chips

I was thinking about this experience the other day and it made me laugh inside. I thought I'd share:
Last year I had a student in class, A, who was yelling at another student to leave, even though it was his class too. Then A started yelling at me to kick the student out. His big complaint was that he "smelled like corn chips." I was getting very exasperated at this point, because I wanted the student to stay, didn't smell anything (let alone corn chips), was frustrated at how insulting A was being, and embarrassed for the second student. I asked A to stop and to apologize and he refused, so I just leaned in real close and whispered, "Somebody should tell you what you smell like." I really didn't mean anything by it; I mostly wanted him to shut up and maybe think about how embarrassed he'd be if the roles were reversed. A, however, literally freaked and started asking all his neighbors "What do I smell like!? What do I smell like!?

I win.


Georgia said...

SCORE for Dani girl! You win because you are a winner. I love your teaching stories and I really love this one. I can just see that student freaking about how he smells and making himself look like an idiot. It is only fair that he has a little of his own treatment.

Have a happy week, my favorite teacher.

N Ziae said...

Haha, there are worse things to smell like than corn chips for sure