Monday, November 3, 2008

SUU Wind Symphony, a Returned Car, my Parents, Improv at the Grind, and a Fun Halloween

As a clarinetist in SUU's Wind Symphony, I was required to participate in the annual Halloween concert where everyone dresses in costumes. It was on Wednesday the 29th, and I was a sailor girl and we made my roommate, Janalee, into an awesome pirate wench.

My parents drove five hours to come to it (they didn't wear costumes. They're not that into Halloween.) but it was a fun concert, even though the Acting I students acting out Eric Whitacre's "Godzilla Eats Las Vegas" was ...interesting. That's not really the story though.

After the concert my parents took me and Janalee to Chili's for dinner. When we walked in the place was pretty full, and Janalee and I were still dressed as a pirate and a navy girl, and this guy sitting at a booth put his hand over his mouth and very obviously tried to be discreet at pointing us out to his friend, who didn't even try to be sneaky in getting his eyeful. Janalee and I then became a little more obvious when we burst into a fit of giggles. Well, we sat down and had a nice dinner with my parents, who are awesome. I had such a fun time! We were so busy laughing and talking we didn't realize we were the last people in the restaurant, (which I kinda felt bad about, because I hated that when I was a waitress and had to close.) I was sad when dinner was over because we said goodbye in the parking lot and Janalee and I drove home in my car (which my parents kindly brought down to me since it has been stranded in Springville where it broke down, was fixed, and was left at my grandma's house for a few weeks) and my parents went to a hotel to spend the night before they headed off early the next morning. It was so good to see them though and I had such a good time!

On Thursday Jana and I went to the Trunk-or-Treat in the Institute Parking lot, but by the time we got there all the candy was gone. I did get some scalding hot chocolate, though, which I managed to not only burn my tongue with, but also spill on my foot.

On Halloween Bryan Bullock came over and we worked on his amazing fish costume.

It had previously been a pillow at DI, but he has a good imagination, I guess. It was very original, as you can see from the picture. The thing on his head is the fish head pointing straight up. It also had a tail on the butt.

Then Janalee, Bry, and I all carved jack-o-lanterns!
They turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! We went to Walmart to get candles for them, and Bryan spilled the melted wax from one of them on my pumpkin, but it was very Halloween-y, since it looked like my pumpkin got shot in the head. Creepy!

After that we persuaded his roommate, Dallas, to go to Off the Cuff with us at the Grind. It's an improv group that does hilarious shows every Friday night at 10. They did a Halloween show, and one of the on-going jokes was about how none of us went to the Howl, which started at the same time on SUU's campus. It was a really fun day! That night Janalee and I had a sleepover in our living room.

Then next day we slept in and worked on homework and then rented the movie "Penelope" and liked it so much when it ended we started it over and watched it all the way through again. And on Sunday after church Janalee and I were very bored so we got out her playdough. She told me her mom used to make her and her sisters little fingernails out of playdough when she was little, so I tried it. Then I went a little further and made claws. Not very easy to put on, I might add.
This is the scariest face I could manage, although inside I felt a little like Maleficent....bwahahaha!!!


jojaworld said...

Love those fingernails! You could have a competition with Diane Murdock! Your blog is so fun to read, thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos in this way, it is great. As a partial participant in your latest blogging events, I want to say that it was a blast being at your concert and going to dinner with you and Janalee afterwards. Keep up the good work and I hope Mr. Darcey is running well and keeping you out of harm's way. Love, Mom

Becky said...

Hehe that's awesome! I'm kinda jealous I didn't get to join in your Halloween adventures... but home was awesome! Bryan's picture is priceless -his face is hilarious! And as a word to the wise never let your fingernails grow that long - it's kinda creepy...

Lindsey said...

I miss SUU persons!!! Dani!!... :D Sounds like you had a fun halloween! -super cute sailor girl costume! And tell Bryan his fish was... well... interesting. :) Miss you much!!
ps- your car broke down in springville!! and you didn't call me!!! :( You'll just have to come visit some other time. :D