Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today I interviewed for a job I REALLY want! (Not to mention need!) When I got there I found out there were A LOT of applicants interviewing today. The interview went quite well, I felt, and the interviewer told me they would narrow it down to four people who would have a practical interview tomorrow actually doing some of the stuff the position will require. So I left my name and email, hoping against hope to be one of the few chosen. I checked my email around 5:30 to find that there was no word from the Ogden City School District in my inbox, so I felt kind of let down. I've been trying and trying and praying and praying for something to come through for me. As many of you are aware, I haven't had a job since August, except UIA where I work on an as needed basis, but with the economy as it is, they haven't needed me much at all. I think I've worked there about six hours total in the last three months. I did a bit of substitute teaching down in Cedar City, but that wasn't providing many hours either. (My spirits lifted a bit when I discovered two Kelly emails forwarded by his parents in my inbox!) But I decided to check again just now and I'M ONE OF THE FOUR! So I'm interviewing tomorrow at 3PM. Pray for me please!


Georgia said...

I've been praying, praying and hoping for you to get this job!!!

Love, Mom

P.S. Guess what? Kelly gets home tomorrow!

Lindsey said...

I just read your post... so your interview is over, but I'm still hoping it went well for you!! :D
Tell Kelly hi for me and Steve soon... like tomorrow! :D
what's the job by the way?

Dani Marie said...

Thanks you two! Lindsey, I will for sure tell Kelly hi for you and Steve. I interviewed for a staff assistant job for the school district. The interview today went really well, and I should find out tomorrow! I hope I get it!