Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kelly's Home!!!

Today we spent a perfect day
Cuddling on the couch
Watching Caspian save Narnia
While rain turned to snow outside.

Your cat scratched me again,
But I don't care.
You know, two years
Feels a lot shorter
On this side of things.

Laughing is my favorite.
Your eyes look like
Blue crescent moons
When you smile that big.

You made dinner
And I helped with the dishes.
Don't you think Rosemary is a nice name
For a seasoning?

Driving home I thought the canyon walls
Looked like they had been lightly dusted
With powdered sugar,
Like the way I eat French toast.

Sugared canyon walls.

So beautiful it made me cry
And wish I was a poet.


Nariman said...

Holy crap! That is amazing! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

Georgia said...

Yes, its true, you really are amazing. How will I do this when you and Kelly have moved to Baltimore? I do wonder...

I guess you will have to post on your blog more often and phone me everyday...then perhaps we will survive for two years.