Sunday, April 5, 2009

So I was thinking...

So I was thinking that my life is getting to the point of "morbidly boring" so I have nothing to write about to my dear readers. I mean, just to give you some idea I started the Harry Potter series again 3 days ago and now I'm halfway through The Order of the Phoenix (that's book 5 in case you're out of it enough to not know that). I kept thinking that when Kelly gets home then I'll actually have something to write about.

I can post pictures of meeting him at the airport and write about his crappy grasp of the English language, and then move on to the fun things we will do. Believe me, before he left we did a lot of fun stuff. The first summer we dated we ate at nice restaurants probably about 5 times a week. Of course that was back when he had money to burn, but the next summer when we were both dirt poor we had even better adventures. We hiked all over and had run-ins with rattlesnakes; we walked his dog Chester around and around the church next to his house; we stargazed and had bonfires and canoed and drove all over in that Mercedes of his. Our lunch breaks were at the same time, so I'd always pack a lunch for two and go over and eat it with him. He'd come get me early in the morning and take me to the valley to watch the sunrise and then cook me breakfast. We'd talk for hours and laugh and tease one another. We had Super Smash Brother tournaments and were very competitive when it came to fuse ball. We'd walk miles around the pond at Beus Park and get Jake's Over the Top grasshopper shakes. He'd tease me about how I'm scared of birds and one time he threw me right into the middle of a gaggle of geese. I screamed like a banshee and took off running and he was laughing until the geese started chasing us. He runs faster than I can, so I launched myself onto his back shrieking my head off. He learned his lesson quickly and never did that again. We'd get tacos on 25th street and watch movies and play tag. Life felt so sunny and full of laughter and smiles all the time. So I'm sure I'll have plenty more to write about come Friday, but the other day I realized something: when Kelly is home, I probably won't make time to update this for a long time. I'll just have better things to do. Sorry guys.


Lindsey said...

You are fabulous.
And I can't wait for your Kelly to get home... you are going to have such fun!!!
And I miss you terribly!

Georgia said...

You had so much fun with Kelly before he left, I'd forgotten how creative you were with your activities. I will miss you around the house reading Harry Potter when Kelly is back to take you all over the place to do fun stuff again...especially when you are both off in Maryland...sob

Love, Mom

Margie said...

I'm so excited for you Dani. I can't believe this week is here. What an exciting time. I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about what Friday is going to be like for you. I am hoping we can come by this weekend to welcome him home too.