Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Aquarium

Last Saturday (I know, more than a week ago, now) Kelly and I went to the National Aquarium here in Baltimore. Kelly and I had such a fun time! It was awesome! There was an Australian exhibit, but I didn't like it because there were birds flying around, but you couldn't go back out the door, you had to go all the way through it to get out. It was so freaking scary! Kelly laughed at me and kept stopping to look at stuff. I didn't get many pictures except for the frilled neck lizard that was outside of the bird part.

Kel and I also went to the special exhibit Jellyfish Invasion! Turns out jellyfish can live in polluted water without a problem, so their predators die but they just keep breeding. There really is a jellyfish invasion!

We also went to a dolphin show which was fun. They were so cute!

There was also a special rain forest exhibit, and there were birds flying around in there too, but I actually got a couple pictures. Still scary, though.

The rest of the aquarium was fun. There were these dumb puffins that were swimming and swimming and swimming, but their beaks were against the glass so they weren't getting anywhere. It was pretty funny. We saw electric eels, poisonous frogs, sharks, stingrays, whale bones, and of course A LOT OF FISH!!! Including Nemo in his sea anemone and his pal Dorie, Dorey..Dori? I don't know how to spell her name but you know who I mean--the forgetful blue one who sounds a lot like Ellen DeGeneres. :)

Nemo's friend Ellen Bluefish!
This poor guy just kept looking at me
Ugly fish
Stupid puffin.
Cute swimmy-turtle
Sharkbait ooh-ha-ha

The aquarium is not only full of awesome things, it's also an awesome building right on the Inner Harbor. The view was beautiful! After the aquarium, Kel and I ate at a Spanish restaurant called La Tasca that was situated right on the waterfront. The view was awesome from there too, but we didn't get any good pictures of it. All in all, we had such a fun weekend!

I loaded a whole bunch of pictures onto facebook, so to see more aquarium pictures, just click HERE.


Georgia said...

What a fun, fun day! Thanks for sharing your good time and those great photos with us.

I'm so glad you are taking advantage of the wonderful sights and adventures surrounding your new home.

We love you and can hardly wait for Christmas to see you. I bought the Desert Star Tickets for the day after Christmas so plan to spend the 26th doing that, eating at Bocca and seeing the lights on Temple Square!

Love you!!

Georgia said...

That was one ugly fish, the others were cute and the 'tortyle' was adoreable!

You were brave to take a photo of a bird...maybe you are overcoming your phobia?