Monday, September 15, 2008

All These Things That I've Done

Hey all my faithful readers, who, for all I know, is just Becky.
In my honors class last week we talked about if, hypothetically, we got chopped up into a bazillion little tiny pieces and all of them were alive (morbid and creepy, I know, but that's beside the point) which piece would be me? I mean, if you got cut at the waist, obviously it would be your upper half, but what if just your head got cut off? Would it be the bigger part or the part that thinks and communicates? Well, I was thinking about this and I thought if I was divided into a bunch of live atoms or something, that a little place right in the center of my heart would be me because of my thoughts and feelings come from not only my head, but deep inside me, and I'm religious so I suppose I imagine my spirit in there or something, but then I realized something. Now keep in mind I'm not trying to get into the Nature versus Nurture debate, because I believe it's bits of both. We are born with personalities (at least partially) and how we see and understand things comes somewhat from somewhere automatically built inside, but you have to admit that we really are influenced by our surroundings and upbringings and the people we've met and the things we've done and experienced. I'm who I am today largely because of who I've known and what I've done. So, I thought I'd grace you all with my 3- minute history of me! Ta-da!

I was inspired to make this because my older brother made one for his introduction for A Team or SOAR (I don't know which) at Utah State. His was way better, but it was fun to make this nonetheless. I just wish I had a MacBook...

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Becky said...

So pretty much your video is AMAZING! Look at you and your creativity! Curse you... but seriously - I like it :-D