Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dani the Kleptomaniac, and her Partner-in-Crime, Janalee

Yes, I had an interesting day. I finally have lived up to my good ol' WHS janitor nickname: "the Cat Burglar." I received the nickname back then because I have a little talent of picking locks. I only used it on glass cases to see Old Brent aka "Papa Pete" in the 1962 yearbook, and to get the marching band trophies out to display at the closing social because no one seemed to possess a key. Oh, and once I picked a roommate's lock, but that's only because she locked her keys in her room and couldn't remember where her spare key was hidden.

Well, today I actually stole something. On accident, I assure you. You see, my roommate Janalee and I were invited to a baby shower, so we went in together on the present and bought little baby bunny slippers, one of those cute baby towels with a hood, a baby brush and comb, and some baby bath soap. Then we went on a quest to find a rubber ducky to complete the bathtime ensemble. We couldn't find any at Walmart, so we thought we'd try Dollar Tree. Well, we went there, looked all over, didn't find any, but did remember we didn't have anything to wrap the present in, so we picked up a yellow gift bag and left. Then we headed to Family Dollar, where we completed our quest successfully! So we bought the rubber duckies (a momma duck and two baby duckies), came home and wrapped our present when suddenly I had a realization, so I said, "Jana, did we buy the gift bag?!" NO! WE DIDN'T! I picked it up, forgot I had it, and we walked out with it blatantly swinging from my klepto-mitts! And by the time we realized this we already had the present all wrapped up in the stolen goods! So we grabbed the tag, jumped in the car, and went back and quickly explained the stupidity of the situation and paid without any problem. But then the slightly-scary-and-somewhat-toothless lady at the checkstand suddenly started talking about spaying and neutering cats. Weird. So we left since we were no longer criminals. Then we went to Bullock's and got ice cream sodas. Mmmm.

Then tonight was the season premier of THE OFFICE!!! I can't even tell you how excited I was and JIM AND PAM ARE FINALLY ENGAGED!!! Us four girls started screaming and cheering! Now the second thing on my list has been fulfilled. (Don't worry, my priorities are actually higher than that, but I really was so happy.) The first place on the list will be fulfilled when Kelly finally proposes...officially.

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Becky said...

Aw my dear sweet kepto old roomie...