Friday, September 5, 2008

Gathering Back my Brain Drips

Yesterday we had the most interesting and mind-boggling discussion in class.
While I was walking home, I'm quite sure my brain was dripping out my ears.
So I put my headphones in
Both to listen to my iPod and to plug the holes my brain matter was oozing out of.
On my walk to school this morning I took the same route and scraped up all the gray drips of my own brain from the sidewalk.
I think I got it all.
The discussion went from this ted talk

to the Yin Yang of Taoism and how everything comes in twos, to a very confusing lecture on Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. I caught most of it, up to the double slit experiment. I understood what is possible to understand there. And when he was talking of all the empty space in atoms I remembered that from chemistry and also because of the Flash. You know how he moves so fast he can move through the empty space in atoms so he can walk through walls? (Pretty cool, eh?) After that I was lost until he showed a movie which discussed the interconnections of all matter in the universe and a guy compared it to music. A 'C' and an 'E' are nice notes, right? Put them together and you have a marvelous Major Third, the most popular and basic chord. But just a C is not a major third, and just an E is not a major third. The INTERCONNECTION of the two is! And then the interconnections of time and the notes ultimately make a melody which ultimately leads to music! Music is interconnections. Then I managed to swim to the top again. I even got the allusions to "The music of the spheres" from Kepler to Shakespeare to Pythagoras. Then today as I was reading a text book for a completely different class (ok, so technically nothing can be completely different from that class, since it's interdisciplinary.) Ancient Greece, it was talking about Pythagoras and his cosmic music that supposedly only he could hear! Interconnections!
Another interconnection I had was directly after my honors class. I was discussing the lecture with a fellow classmate and I mentioned Brian Regan sitting on his couch watching a NOVA on String Theory.

"I started watching it at eight PM, and at eight-oh-three, my brain exploded." I was wanting some potato chips and a couch. And I even remembered I had string cheese in my fridge at my apartment. And she was thinking of the same Brian Regan act during class too! Was it because she was sitting right next to me, and our right brains were interconnected because we were just two "energy beings" part of the same environment? Or was it our actual brain atoms moving all over the place, since there really are no boundaries according to Quantum Mechanics? I mean, maybe some of the molecules from her brain landed in my brain and gave me the thought, or vice versa. Or could it perhaps be that we are pretty much best friends and have even watched that particular video of Brian Regan together? Hmmm...the endless array of possibilities...


Duke of Earl said...

Wow Dani I love it :) I am actually fascinated by string theory and have seen that episode of Nova. I have to know that class this is so I can take it sometime.

Becky said...

Yes! My fellow Brian Regan buddy... I'm so glad my brain wasn't the only one that nearly exploded - or dripped out my ears as you put it :-)